Guru Method Feeder


  • X Safe system eliminates tethering
  • Efficient bait dispersal
  • Weight forward enhances casting
  • Interchangeable system


Introducing the Guru Method Feeder — a game-changing addition to your angling arsenal. The Guru X-Safe Method Fishing Feeder takes your bait presentation to the next level, offering exceptional versatility and performance.
Designed to work seamlessly with the Guru X-Press Method Moulds (available separately), this feeder is your gateway to effectively compacting your preferred bait mix for feeder applications. Co-engineered by Guru and commercial master, match angler Steve Ringer, this feeder incorporates a revolutionary hook bait platform. Strategically positioned opposite the main weight loading, this platform ensures that your hook bait consistently sits atop the feeder, cast after cast.
The platform’s positioning on X-shaped vented arms not only minimizes tangles but also provides maximum grip, simplifying the loading of groundbait onto the feeder. The innovative X-Safe elastic system offers a dual benefit — it acts as a buffer during fish fights, reducing hook pulls at the net, and provides a safe solution for fish that might detach from the feeder. Should you lose a fish with the feeder attached, the elastic will detach, ensuring the fish’s safety.
Efficiency knows no bounds with the X-Safe Method feeders. With dart-like precision, they cut through challenging crosswinds, ensuring your casts consistently hit the mark. This effortless accuracy facilitates the creation of your swim, effortlessly building your angling success.
Blending harmoniously with underwater surroundings, the frame’s color ensures inconspicuous integration into various lake bed types. The Guru Method Feeders are available in four sizes — 24g, 28g, 36g, and 45g — catering to diverse angling preferences and conditions.
In summary, the Guru Method Feeder encapsulates innovation, functionality, and angler-focused design. As a pivotal tool for strategic bait presentation and successful fishing, it brings a new level of excitement to your angling endeavors, ensuring that every cast is a step toward angling excellence.

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24g, 28g, 36g, 45g

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