Drennan Inline Method


  • Improved design with weight distribution for aerodynamic shape
  • Increases casting distance and improves accuracy, especially in cross-winds
  • Bait-holding ribs spaced apart for optimal hook bait positioning
  • Works well with Drennan bait mould for perfect positioning every time
  • Non-stick, easy release bait mould for perfectly shaped groundbait and pellet mouldings
  • Special slim-line loop-to-loop Method Connector bead for easy swapping of feeders and hook link changes
  • Heavyweight sizes for long-range casts and steep slopes
  • Well-designed, high-quality, and cost-effective


The improved design of the Drennan Inline Method Feeder offers several benefits for anglers. With both the lead in the flat base and the bait load distributing the weight into an aerodynamic bomb shape, the feeder increases casting distance and improves accuracy, particularly in strong cross-winds. This shape allows for a smoother flight through the air and ensures that the feeder lands on the water surface the right way up, ready for action.
On the body of the feeder, the two largest bait-holding ribs are well spaced and curved away from each other. This creates a generous gap, allowing the hook bait to be positioned in the optimum location. Moreover, this area aligns with a recess in a Drennan bait mould, providing perfect positioning every time.
When used in conjunction with the non-stick, easy release bait mould, anglers can achieve perfectly shaped groundbait and/or pellet mouldings every time. The special slim-line loop-to-loop Method Connector bead, also provided, allows for easy swapping of feeders as well as quick changes of the hook link in seconds.
In addition to the standard sizes, Drennan has recently introduced the Heavyweight sizes, which include 35g to fit the green mould and 45g to fit the larger orange mould. These are ideal for long-range casts, casting into headwinds, and offer even more purchase on a steep slope.
Overall, the Drennan Inline Method Feeder is a well-designed, high-quality, and cost-effective option for anglers looking to improve their fishing performance.

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Large 25g, Large 35g, Large 45g, Small 15g, Small 25g, Small 35g

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