Drennan Oval Groundbait Feeder


  • Extensive range of feeders
  • Ideal for stillwaters and rivers
  • Weights from 15g to 60g
  • Oval shape hugs bottom
  • Integral swivel stops line twist


Introducing the Drennan Oval Groundbait Feeder — a testament to durability and functionality in angling equipment.

Crafted from robust, camouflaged plastic, available in ‘Weedy Green’ or ‘Gravel Brown’, the Oval Groundbait Feeders offer a range of eight variations to cater to diverse fishing environments. Covering both Stillwater and river scenarios, these feeders boast casting weights ranging from 15g (1/2oz) to 60g (2 1/2oz), ensuring versatility across your angling pursuits.

The timeless oval shape of these feeders serves a dual purpose. Not only does it ensure that the feeder firmly adheres to the lake or riverbed, enhancing stability, but it also guarantees optimal dispersion of groundbait around the hook bait. This strategic arrangement of holes ensures that your bait is presented effectively to attract the desired catch.

To further enhance their utility, these feeders are furnished with an integrated moulded rolling swivel. This thoughtful addition plays a crucial role in preventing line twist, contributing to a smooth and hassle-free angling experience.

The Drennan Oval Groundbait Feeders come in a variety of sizes to accommodate various fishing conditions. The ‘Weedy Green’ collection includes the following options: Small (15g), Medium (20g), Large (25g), and XL (30g). On the other hand, the ‘Gravel Brown’ range includes: Small (30g), Medium (40g), Large (50g), and XL (60g).

Incorporating these feeders into your angling toolkit is a testament to your commitment to quality and effectiveness on both rivers and stillwaters. With durability at its core and an intelligent design that maximizes bait dispersion and minimizes line twist, the Drennan Oval Groundbait Feeder is a must-have for any angler seeking a successful and enjoyable fishing experience.

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Standard 15g Small, Standard 20g Medium, Standard 25g Large, Standard 30g XL, Heavy 30g Small, Heavy 40g Medium, Heavy 50g Large, Heavy 60g XL

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