Drennan Pellet Method


  • Easy bait loading
  • Secure hold design
  • Efficient bait dispersal
  • Weight-forward shape
  • Stepped rib weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Game-changing feeder


Introducing the Drennan Pellet Method Fishing Feeders, the ultimate solution for effortless bait loading and superior fishing performance. These feeders have been carefully crafted with angler convenience and fish-catching potential in mind.
Loading and compressing bait has never been easier with the Drennan Pellet Method Feeders. The feeder’s body features a thumb-friendly design that allows for comfortable handling and effortless bait insertion. Say goodbye to the hassle of using a mould – simply place your thumb into the body, and the feeder will be ready to go.
Designed with curved walls and inner teeth, these feeders provide a secure hold on both pellets and groundbait. You can cast with confidence, knowing that your bait will remain intact until it reaches the feeding zone. The open ends of the feeder body facilitate efficient bait dispersal, ensuring that your bait is released right where you want it.
The Pellet Method Feeders feature a weight-forward, aerodynamic shape that enhances casting distance and accuracy. With these feeders in your arsenal, you can effortlessly reach those hard-to-reach spots and target distant feeding areas with precision.
To further enhance their performance, these feeders incorporate a stepped, rib base weight. This innovative design element provides extra grip and stability when fishing tight to islands or far bank margins. You can confidently present your bait in challenging fishing environments, knowing that the feeder will stay in position.
With its ergonomic design and exceptional functionality, the Drennan Pellet Method Feeder is a true game-changer. Experience the benefits of this perfect pellet method feeder as it helps you hook more fish and elevate your fishing success to new levels.

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Small 25g, Small 35g, Large 35g, Large 45g

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