Preston ICM Micro Pellet


  • Micro pellet feeder
  • Perfect for small amounts of bait
  • Sits flat on the bottom
  • ICM interchangeable


Experience angling excellence with the Preston ICM Micro Pellet Feeder, a testament to the ingenuity that defines the renowned Preston pellet feeder series. Meticulously crafted with precision, this micro version is tailored to address scenarios where a delicate and controlled amount of bait is desired. Its wide profile has been intelligently designed to ensure it sits flat on the bottom, optimizing the strategic dispersal of bait and enhancing its engagement with the fish.

A cornerstone of versatility, the Preston ICM Micro Pellet Feeder seamlessly integrates with any other ICM product within Preston’s comprehensive lineup. This level of compatibility offers you a dynamic angling experience, characterized by adaptability and innovation. With the ability to interchange feeders effortlessly, you have the freedom to adjust your setup on-the-fly, accommodating evolving fishing conditions and the varying preferences of your target species.

This micro pellet feeder is thoughtfully available in two weight options, 15g and 25g, allowing you to fine-tune your approach to the specific demands of your fishing scenario. Whether you’re targeting elusive and cautious fish or striving for pinpoint accuracy in your bait presentation, the Preston ICM Micro Pellet Feeder emerges as an indispensable asset. Its capacity to enhance your effectiveness on the water by offering precision and control makes it a valuable tool in the hands of every angler seeking to elevate their angling prowess.

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15g, 25g

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