Drennan Feederbomb


  • Unique design that really does cast better than almost any other feeder
  • Fantastic choice for feeder fishing accuracy
  • Highly innovative design for exceptional fishing experience
  • Unmatched casting capabilities for accurate casting at any distance
  • Suitable for lakes and slow to medium-paced rivers
  • Performs well in challenging fishing environments
  • Weight concentration at base ensures true and straight trajectory even in crosswinds
  • Excellent choice for casting tightly to far banks or challenging spots
  • Available in four different sizes for flexibility
  • Perfectly suited for accuracy and precision fishing needs


The Drennan Feederbomb is a revolutionary feeder that offers unparalleled casting performance. Its unique design sets it apart from other feeders, allowing you to cast with exceptional accuracy and precision.
Designed with innovation in mind, the Feederbomb delivers an exceptional fishing experience. Its advanced features and construction make it a fantastic choice for anglers who value accuracy and distance in their feeder fishing.
With unmatched casting capabilities, this feeder enables you to cast accurately at any distance, making it suitable for both lakes and slow to medium-paced rivers. It performs exceptionally well in challenging fishing environments, ensuring you can tackle various fishing conditions with confidence.
The weight concentration at the base of the Feederbomb guarantees a true and straight trajectory, even in crosswinds. This feature makes it an excellent choice for casting tightly to far banks or challenging spots where precision is key.
The Drennan Feederbomb is available in four different sizes, providing anglers with flexibility to adapt to their fishing needs. Whether you require pinpoint accuracy or precision casting, this feeder is perfectly suited to meet your requirements.
Experience the innovation and performance of the Drennan Feederbomb and elevate your feeder fishing game to new heights. Its unmatched casting capabilities, reliability in challenging environments, and versatility in size options make it an excellent choice for anglers who value accuracy and precision.

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25g, 35g, 45g, 15g

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