Leeda Dial Scales


  • Max weight 55lb/25kg
  • Dial intervals 100g and 4oz
  • Impact resistant casing
  • Large easy read dial
  • Supplied with weigh hooks
  • Simple and easy to use

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The Leeda Dial Scales are a highly practical and versatile tool designed to meet the needs of anglers across various fishing scenarios. With a generous maximum weight capacity of 55lb/25kg, these scales can handle a wide range of fish sizes, making them suitable for various fishing styles.
The scales feature dial intervals of 100g and 4oz, ensuring accurate and precise measurements, which is crucial for anglers who wish to record their catches with precision. Whether you’re pursuing carp, pike, or other species, these scales offer the accuracy needed to capture essential weight data.
Constructed with an impact-resistant casing, the Leeda Dial Scales are built to withstand the rugged environment of fishing trips. This durability ensures that the scales will remain reliable and functional even under challenging conditions, making them a trustworthy companion for many fishing adventures.
One of the standout features of these scales is the large, easy-to-read dial. This user-friendly design allows anglers to quickly and effortlessly read the weight of their catch, minimizing any potential delays in recording important data.
Furthermore, the scales come equipped with weigh hooks, making it a breeze to secure the fish firmly during the weighing process. This ensures that the fish is handled safely and with care while obtaining accurate weight measurements.
Simplicity is key when it comes to using the Leeda Dial Scales. The straightforward design and intuitive operation make them suitable for both experienced anglers and those new to the sport. These scales allow anglers to focus on their passion for fishing without any unnecessary complications.
Overall, the Leeda Dial Scales provide anglers with a reliable, durable, and user-friendly weighing solution for their fishing pursuits. Whether you’re a dedicated angler who loves to keep precise records of your catches or a casual fishing enthusiast seeking a dependable pair of scales, the Leeda Dial Scales will not disappoint. With their impressive features and ease of use, these scales are an essential addition to any angler’s fishing gear arsenal.

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