Korda Propolis


  • Creates waterproof barrier
  • Protects and heals
  • Insoluble on contact with water
  • Natural product
  • 30ml bottle

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In the world of angling, there’s nothing quite like Korda Propolis. It is great when you encounter stunning, vibrant, and healthy fish up close. It’s a joy to witness these magnificent creatures and to release them back into the water, knowing they’ll continue to thrive and challenge other anglers on different days.

Caring for fish and prioritising their well-being is of utmost importance. You don’t have to be an eco-warrior to understand the significance of ensuring the fish out there are in their best possible condition. After all, no angler takes pride in catching a worn-out carp or a pike that has seen better days. Everyone desires a personal best that’s not only impressive but also a pleasure to handle and admire in album shots. We all dream of encountering that elusive big fish that has never been caught before.

When you bring a carp to the bank, part of your bankside routine should involve a careful inspection of its condition. If you happen to notice any ulcers or open wounds, it’s essential to have a reliable solution at hand. That’s where Korda’s Propolis Carp Treatment comes into play.

Propolis creates a protective and waterproof seal over ulcers and open wounds, guarding against dirt, debris, and harmful pathogens that could lead to infections and potentially harm the fish. Derived from bees and boasting natural antimicrobial properties, Propolis is often referred to as nature’s antibiotic. This treatment ensures that prime fish remain in their prime condition, promoting their well-being and preserving their health.

By using Korda Propolis, anglers can take an active role in fish care, contributing to the conservation and preservation of aquatic life. With this top-notch treatment in your kit bag, you can feel confident in your ability to protect and care for these beautiful creatures, giving them the chance to thrive and mesmerise anglers for generations to come.

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