Drennan Distance Cage


  • Distance Cage Bomb Feeders with extra strong wire mesh
  • Retain their shape even after heavy use
  • Twin welded legs allow room to compress groundbait from both ends
  • Simple nylon loop is crimped securely in place
  • Perfect for feeder link or helicopter setups
  • Ideal for casting at distance up to 70 metres


The Drennan Distance Cage Feeders are a reliable and durable choice for anglers looking to accurately deliver their bait to distant fishing spots. These feeders are specifically designed to excel in long-range casting situations, making them ideal for anglers targeting fish at distances of up to 70 metres.

One standout feature of these feeders is their extra strong wire mesh construction. The wire mesh is built to withstand heavy use and remains intact, retaining its shape even after repeated casts and impacts with the water. This ensures that your feeder maintains its effectiveness and durability throughout your fishing sessions.

The twin welded legs of these feeders serve a dual purpose. Firstly, they provide stability and balance during the casting process, allowing for accurate and controlled bait delivery. Secondly, these legs create space between the feeder and the ground, enabling you to compress groundbait from both ends. This helps to ensure an efficient and effective dispersion of your chosen bait.

The feeders are equipped with a simple nylon loop that is securely crimped in place. This loop serves as a convenient attachment point for your feeder link or helicopter setups, providing versatility in rigging options. Whether you prefer a feeder link or helicopter setup, these feeders are ready to accommodate your chosen rigging method.

With their robust construction and thoughtful design, the Drennan Distance Cage Feeders offer anglers a reliable tool for accurate and long-range bait delivery. Whether you’re targeting carp, bream, tench, or other species, these feeders provide the confidence and performance you need to maximize your fishing success.

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