Korum Fast Mat


  • Pop up unhooking mat
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Lightweight alternative to cradle style mats
  • Put up in seconds
  • Untwist and pop in the padded mattress
  • Perfect for the roving angler
  • 100% waterproof

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The Korum Fast Mat revolutionises fish care, making it faster and more convenient than ever before. This innovative pop-up unhooking mat offers ease of use and effortless transportability, ensuring a stress-free experience for anglers.
Designed as a lightweight alternative to cradle-style mats, the Korum Fast Mat easily clips to all Korum luggage, allowing for quick and secure attachment. Setting up the mat is a breeze – simply untwist, pop in the waterproof padded mattress, and it’s ready for action within seconds. This efficient setup eliminates any hassle, making it a perfect choice for anglers on the move.
When it’s time to move on, the Korum Fast Mat packs away just as easily as it sets up, making it the ultimate fish care solution for roving anglers. Its compact design and quick assembly ensure that you can focus on your fishing without worrying about complicated equipment.
The Supa Lite version of the Korum Fast Mat takes fish care to the next level. Crafted with a soft-touch, fish-friendly material that is 100% waterproof, it ensures maximum protection for the fish while reducing the overall weight of the mat. This thoughtful design makes the Supa Lite version even more portable and convenient, providing anglers with a top-notch unhooking mat that prioritises fish safety.
With the Korum Fast Mat, fish care is not only efficient but also ensures the well-being of the fish throughout the unhooking process. Its user-friendly features and fish-friendly materials make it a reliable companion for every angling adventure. Whether you’re a dedicated roving angler or a casual fishing enthusiast, the Korum Fast Mat is the go-to solution for quick and effective fish care on the bank.

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