Rage Pike


  • Highly realistic pike lure
  • Realistic body shape
  • Superb colour patterns
  • Irresistible to pike
  • Strong durable hooks
  • Belly hook rotation system
  • Choose Size then Colour


Rage Pike
This Fox Rage lure is a highly realistic pike lure that is perfect for targeting trophy fish.
It is available in four sizes: 10, 15, 20, and 25cm. The three colour options are:
UV Perch
UV Stickleback
UV Firetiger
The Rage Pike has a highly realistic prey body shape and colour patterns that make it irresistible to pike. It also has high-end hooks and a belly hook rotation system to help maintain hook holds.
Here are some additional benefits of using this Pike lure:
The soft plastic body is durable and can withstand even the most aggressive pike.
The realistic profile and action of the lure are irresistible to pike.
The Pike is available in a variety of sizes and colours to match your fishing needs.
Order your Rage lure today and start catching trophy pike!
Here is a more specific example of how you could use this Pike lure to catch pike:
Fish this Pike lure in shallow water near weedbeds or other cover.
Use a slow retrieve with occasional twitches to give the lure a lifelike action.
If you’re not getting any bites, try changing the colour of the lure to match the baitfish that are present in the area.
Be patient and persistent, and you’ll eventually land a trophy pike!

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10cm – 14g, 15cm – 35g, 20cm – 100g, 25cm – 155g


Supernatural Pike, Wounded Pike, Natural Pike, Hot Pike

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