Rage Long Nose Pliers


  • Carbon steel
  • Wire and line cutting sections
  • Crimping notch section
  • Bright red and black handles
  • 6cm length

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The Rage Long Nose Pliers are the go-to choice for anglers engaged in pike, predator, and sea fishing, offering a versatile and reliable tool that’s ready to handle various tasks. These pliers are crafted from durable carbon steel and come with a set of essential features, making them an indispensable addition to your angling toolkit. Here are some key features:
Universal Application: The Rage Long Nose Pliers are suitable for a wide range of fishing scenarios, including pike, predator, and sea fishing. Their versatility ensures that you have a single tool that can handle various tasks, making your fishing experience more convenient.
Carbon Steel Construction: Crafted from high-quality carbon steel, these pliers are designed to withstand the challenges of different fishing environments, ensuring their longevity and performance even in harsh conditions.
Cutting Sections: These pliers feature both wire and line cutting sections, providing you with the capability to cut through various materials, whether it’s fishing line, wire, or other tackle components.
Crimping Notch: The presence of a crimping notch section adds to the versatility of these pliers, allowing you to create secure connections when needed.
Bright Red and Black Handles: The bright red and black handles offer a comfortable grip, making these pliers easy to use and locate, even in low-light conditions.
Compact Length: With a length of 6cm, these pliers are compact and easy to carry, ensuring that you can keep them within reach whenever they’re required.
The Rage Long Nose Pliers are a versatile and essential tool for anglers who engage in different types of fishing. Their carbon steel construction, cutting sections, and crimping capabilities provide you with the versatility and reliability needed for various fishing tasks, making them a valuable addition to your tackle box.

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