Drennan Sub Float


  • Very buoyant streamlined clear inline bubble float
  • Use on the surface or as sunken float on a paternoster rig
  • Ideal for popping up deadbaits or suspending any bait off the bottom


The Drennan Sub Float is a versatile and highly buoyant inline bubble float designed to enhance your fishing experience. With its streamlined and clear design, this float offers excellent visibility and buoyancy, making it an essential tool for various fishing techniques.
Whether you prefer surface fishing or using a paternoster rig, the Drennan Sub Float is perfect for both applications. It can be easily adjusted to suit your desired fishing depth, allowing you to effectively target fish at different water levels. This flexibility makes it ideal for popping up deadbaits or suspending any bait off the bottom, increasing your chances of attracting fish.
Crafted with quality and performance in mind, the Drennan Sub Float is a reliable choice for anglers seeking a durable and efficient float. Its buoyancy and streamlined design ensure minimal resistance in the water, allowing for precise and accurate bait presentation.
Upgrade your fishing gear with the Drennan Sub Float and unlock new possibilities in your fishing adventures. Whether you’re targeting predatory fish or looking to improve your bait presentation, this float is an excellent addition to your tackle box.

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