Drennan Zeppler Pike


  • Extremely popular pike fishing float
  • Short stubby clear plastic design
  • Perfect for pike and zander
  • Great for sea fishing in calmer waters such as harbours and estuaries
  • Can be fished inline or bottom end waggler style
  • Buoyant High-Viz glow top
  • Tip colour may vary from that shown


The Drennan Zeppler Pike Float is an extremely popular choice among anglers who target pike and zander. Its short and stubby clear plastic design makes it highly visible in the water, allowing for easy tracking and bite detection.

This versatile float is suitable for various fishing scenarios. Whether you’re fishing for pike and zander in freshwater or exploring calmer waters such as harbours and estuaries for sea fishing, the Drennan Zeppler Pike Fishing Float performs exceptionally well.

You have the flexibility to fish with this float in two different styles. It can be used as an inline float, allowing for direct line connection, or as a bottom end waggler, providing excellent stability and control. Choose the style that suits your fishing preferences and the conditions you’re fishing in.

With its buoyant high-viz glow top, the Drennan Zeppler Pike Fishing Float ensures maximum visibility, even in low-light conditions. The glowing tip helps you track the float’s position and detect any subtle movements or bites.

Please note that the tip color of the float may vary from the image shown, adding a touch of uniqueness to your fishing setup.

Experience the reliability and effectiveness of the Drennan Zeppler Pike Float and elevate your fishing game. With its quality construction and design, this float is a valuable addition to any angler’s tackle box.

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5g – #1, 10g – #2, 15g – #3, 20g – #4, 30g – #5

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