Drennan Pike Bob


  • Traditional pike fishing float
  • Can be fished slider style or fixed between two float stops
  • Ideal for small baits such as sprats, bleak, gudgeon
  • Perfect with minnow baits for perch or zande


The Drennan Pike Bob Float is a versatile and reliable float designed specifically for pike fishing. It is part of the Esox range of Pike fishing tackle. This traditional float can be used in both slider style and fixed between two float stops, giving you flexibility in your fishing approach.

It is ideal for presenting small baits such as sprats, bleak, and gudgeon. The float’s design allows for precise bait placement and enticing movement, increasing your chances of attracting pike. Additionally, it works perfectly with minnow baits when targeting perch or zander.

Whether you are an experienced pike angler or a beginner looking to try your hand at pike fishing, the Drennan Pike Bob Float is a valuable addition to your tackle box. Its versatility and effectiveness make it a trusted choice for anglers seeking success on the water.

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5g – #1, 7g – #2, 10g – #3, 15g – #4, 20g – #5

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