Drennan AS2


  • Drennan AS2 Pole Floats
  • Developed with five time World Champion Alan Scotthorne
  • Thickened 0.6mm spring stainless wire stem for improved stability
  • Stem is bonded halfway into the bulbous body to improve the balance
  • Thicker stem will withstand plenty of abuse
  • Bodies made from light grade balsa for maximum buoyancy to size
  • Coated in an extremely tough acrylic paint
  • Hollow 1.75mm diameter buoyant glow tip
  • Extra buoyancy can help you to distinguish true bites from line bites
  • Glow tips reinforced


The Drennan AS2 Pole Floats are an absolute essential for professional anglers seeking top-tier performance. Developed in collaboration with the highly acclaimed five-time World Champion, Alan Scotthorne, these pole floats are designed to exceed expectations. Let’s explore the impressive features that set the AS2 floats apart from the rest.
Equipped with a thickened 0.6mm spring stainless wire stem, the AS2 Pole Floats offer unmatched stability, surpassing floats made from glass or carbon. The stem is expertly bonded halfway into the bulbous body, resulting in enhanced balance for the float.
The Drennan AS2 Pole Floats feature thicker stems, making them incredibly durable and capable of enduring rigorous use. The bodies of these floats are expertly crafted from light grade balsa wood, ensuring an exceptional buoyancy-to-size ratio. To withstand the demands of angling, these floats are coated with an extremely tough acrylic paint, guaranteeing long-lasting performance that can withstand the test of time.
In addition, the AS2 floats come with a hollow buoyant glow tip boasting a diameter of 1.75mm. This larger size provides extra buoyancy, allowing anglers to distinguish true bites from line bites, especially in challenging fishing conditions. To ensure longevity and durability, the glow tips are reinforced, making them ideal for rough and demanding fishing situations.
In summary, the Drennan AS2 Pole Floats are the epitome of excellence for professional anglers. Developed in collaboration with Alan Scotthorne, these floats offer exceptional stability, durability, and buoyancy. With their reinforced glow tips and tough construction, they excel even in the most challenging fishing scenarios. Elevate your angling prowess with the outstanding performance and reliability of the AS2 Pole Floats.

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