Drennan Inline Shallow Crystal


  • Drennan In Line Shallow Crystal Pole Float
  • In line tangle free design
  • Ultra tough
  • Unobtrusive see through body
  • Clear fibre glass stem
  • Perfect for fishing shallow
  • Radically reduces wrap over tangles
  • Perfect for slapping
  • Ideal for fishing tight to far bank, islands or shallow margins
  • Massive advantage over traditional pole floats
  • Highly visible Glow-tip


Introducing the Drennan In Line Shallow Crystal Pole Float, a revolutionary design that takes pole fishing to the next level. This float is meticulously engineered to provide anglers with unparalleled performance and a host of advantages over traditional pole floats.

The in-line tangle-free design of the Drennan In Line Shallow Crystal Pole Float ensures smooth and efficient fishing. Say goodbye to frustrating tangles and focus on what matters most: catching fish. Its ultra-tough construction guarantees durability, even in the most demanding fishing conditions.

With its unobtrusive see-through body, this pole float remains discreet underwater, minimizing any potential spooking of fish. The clear fiberglass stem adds to its stealthy profile, making it the perfect choice for fishing in shallow waters where fish can be easily startled.

One of the standout features of this In Line Pole Float is its ability to radically reduce wrap-over tangles. This means you can spend less time untangling and more time fishing. Additionally, its design makes it ideal for slapping, allowing you to present your bait precisely and effectively.

Whether you’re fishing tight to the far bank, targeting islands, or exploring shallow margins, this pole float provides a massive advantage. Its innovative construction and superior performance give you the edge needed to outsmart and outfish your competition.

To further enhance visibility, the Crystal Pole Float boasts a highly visible glow-tip. This ensures that you can track the movements of your float with ease, even in low-light conditions.

Upgrade your pole fishing experience with the Drennan In Line Shallow Crystal Pole Float and enjoy the advantages of its advanced design. Be ready to witness improved accuracy, reduced tangles, and increased catch rates. Elevate your fishing game and make every session a success with this exceptional pole float.

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