Matrix Finesse Slim Wire


  • Ideal for winter F1s and silvers
  • Wire stem gives great stability
  • Shows sensitive bites
  • 0.5mm stainless stem
  • 1.5mm hollow tip
  • Mini standard eye
  • Ideal for expanders, maggots, casters, and worms


The Matrix Finesse Slim Wire is a slim-bodied float designed for winter F1 fishing and targeting silvers. Its slim profile makes it ideal for delicate presentations and finesse fishing techniques.
The wire stem of the Matrix Finesse Slim Wire provides increased stability, ensuring controlled and precise movements through the water.
Featuring a thinner hollow bristle, this float offers excellent bite indication, allowing you to detect even the most subtle bites from F1’s and silvers.
Constructed from durable Rohacell foam, the body of the Matrix Finesse Slim Wire ensures longevity and reliability, capable of withstanding the rigors of winter fishing conditions.
Equipped with a 0.5mm stainless steel wire stem, this float offers enhanced stability and responsiveness, allowing for accurate bait presentation and subtle movements in the water. The 1.5mm hollow tip is perfectly suited for targeting F1’s and silvers, providing excellent sensitivity to detect delicate bites.
With its mini standard eye, the Matrix Finesse Slim Wire offers durability and strength, ensuring it can handle the demands of fishing in various situations.
The Matrix Finesse Slim Wire is ideal for anglers using expander pellets, maggots, casters, and worms as bait. Its versatile design and features make it well-suited for finesse fishing techniques and a range of bait options.
Experience the finesse and sensitivity of the Matrix Finesse Slim Wire float, as it provides the necessary tools for precise and effective winter fishing targeting F1’s and silvers.

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