Drennan AS6


  • Drennan AS6 Pole Floats
  • Initially designed for deeper stillwaters of over 6ft
  • Superb on rivers and deep canals
  • Oval body offers good stability, particularly in windy conditions
  • Made from high-grade balsa for maximum buoyancy
  • Protected with acrylic paint finish super-tough ‘shell’
  • 1.5mm hollow Glow Tip
  • Excellent visibility
  • Works well with a wide variety of hook baits
  • Long durable carbon stem is securely bonded into the body
  • Good stability
  • Unique black stainless steel spring eye
  • Versatile no-nonsense design
  • Made and built to last


Drennan AS6 Pole Floats are an excellent choice for fishing in deeper stillwaters that are over 6ft in depth, as well as on rivers and deep canals. The oval body design of these floats offers great stability, especially in windy conditions. These floats are made from high-grade balsa, providing maximum buoyancy, and protected with an acrylic paint finish that provides a super-tough ‘shell’.
The 1.5mm hollow Glow Tip of the Drennan AS6 Pole Floats provides excellent visibility, and these floats work well with a wide variety of hook baits. A long, durable carbon stem is securely bonded into the body of these floats, ensuring good stability. These floats are uniquely designed with a black stainless steel spring eye, adding to their versatility and no-nonsense design.
In summary, the Drennan AS6 Pole Floats are made to last and offer a versatile option for those fishing in deeper waters. With their sturdy construction and unique design, these floats are sure to provide an excellent fishing experience.

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