Drennan AS3


  • Drennan AS3 Pole Floats
  • Designed in conjunction with five-time World Champion Alan Scotthorne
  • Beautifully consistent and reliable float
  • Highly buoyant
  • Light grade balsa
  • Coated with super tough acrylic paint
  • Strong carbon stem bonded right into the body
  • Stainless steel spring eye located at the base
  • Hollow tip
  • Very strong and durable float
  • Designed for commercial fisheries but used on natural waters too
  • Slim profile body
  • Sensitive yet bright 1.2mm hollow tip
  • Perfect for baits such as maggots, casters and expander pellets
  • Glow tips are reinforced


Introducing the Drennan AS3 Pole Floats, a remarkable collaboration between Drennan and the esteemed five-time World Champion, Alan Scotthorne. These floats have been meticulously designed to offer exceptional performance and reliability. Let’s delve into the outstanding features that make the AS3 Pole Floats a standout choice.
Crafted from light grade balsa, the AS3 Pole Floats possess excellent buoyancy, ensuring optimal visibility and responsiveness. To guarantee durability, these floats are coated with a super tough acrylic paint, providing long-lasting protection against wear and tear.
The AS3 floats boast a strong carbon stem that is expertly bonded directly into the body, enhancing their overall strength and durability. Additionally, a stainless steel spring eye is strategically positioned at the base, further augmenting their robust construction.
Designed with versatility in mind, the Drennan AS3 Pole Floats excel in commercial fisheries while also proving their worth on natural waters. Their slim profile body allows for precise and accurate casting, while the 1.2mm hollow tip strikes the perfect balance between sensitivity and visibility. This makes them an excellent choice for baits such as maggots, casters, and expander pellets, ensuring you can effectively target a wide range of species.
In addition to their exceptional performance, the AS3 floats feature reinforced glow tips. This reinforcement ensures they can withstand ample abuse and maintain their integrity, even in demanding fishing scenarios.
In summary, the Drennan AS3 Pole Floats are a testament to precision engineering and collaboration with a renowned angling champion. With their buoyancy, durability, slim profile body, sensitive hollow tip, and reinforced glow tips, they offer exceptional performance for both commercial and natural water fisheries. Elevate your fishing experience with the reliability and versatility of the AS3 Pole Floats.

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