Colmic Frank


  • Ideal for hemp fishing
  • Perfect on rivers and canals
  • Ideal for commercial silvers
  • Highly visible tip
  • Sensitive for wary roach
  • Excellent whip float
  • Carbon stem
  • Hollow 1.2mm tip


Introducing the Colmic Frank, a remarkable pole float specifically designed to excel in hemp fishing scenarios. Whether you’re navigating the winding rivers or tranquil canals, this float is the perfect companion for anglers seeking optimum performance. Let’s explore the impressive features that make the Colmic Frank a standout choice for discerning fishermen.
First and foremost, the Colmic Frank boasts a highly visible tip that leaves no room for uncertainty. Even the most subtle movements are effortlessly detected, ensuring you never miss a bite. This invaluable feature allows you to stay one step ahead, even when dealing with cautious roach, which are known for their delicate nibbles.
The sensitivity of the Colmic Frank is precisely calibrated to provide the ideal balance for capturing wary roach. With this float, you can expect heightened responsiveness, enabling you to react swiftly and effectively to any sign of action beneath the surface. Say goodbye to missed opportunities and hello to a more rewarding fishing experience.
Furthermore, the Colmic Frank truly shines as an exceptional whip float. Whether you’re targeting roach or the vibrant and spirited bleak, this float delivers exceptional performance. Its carefully crafted design allows for effortless casting and remarkable control, ensuring precise presentation and enticing movements that attract your desired catch.
Durability is a key aspect of the Colmic Frank’s design, featuring a robust carbon stem that ensures longevity and resilience in the face of rigorous fishing sessions. Additionally, the float incorporates a hollow 1.2mm tip, further enhancing its capabilities. This combination of strength and sensitivity guarantees that the Colmic Frank stands up to the demands of your angling endeavors.
Last but certainly not least, the Frank proves to be an excellent choice for targeting commercial silvers. Its versatility and adaptability make it an ideal companion for your fishing ventures in these environments. Whether you’re pursuing bream, tench, or other silvery species, the Colmic Frank rises to the occasion, providing you with the tools you need to achieve success.
In conclusion, the Frank is a top-tier pole float designed to elevate your hemp fishing experience. With its highly visible tip, sensitivity for wary roach, exceptional whip float performance, durable carbon stem, and hollow 1.2mm tip, this float truly excels in both versatility and functionality. It’s time to elevate your angling pursuits and embrace the possibilities that the Colmic Frank brings to the waters.

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