ESP Marker Float


  • Superb buoyancy and durability
  • Casts straight and true


The ESP Marker Float is available in two sizes: the small 20cm dart and the medium 22cm dart. The small dart is recommended for use with 2oz (56g) to 2.5oz (70g) leads, while the medium dart works best with 3oz (85g) to 3.5oz (100g) leads. This range of options allows you to tailor your setup to different fishing scenarios, ensuring you have the right tools for the job.
One of the key advantages of the ESP Marker Float system is its perfectly matched leads. These leads are carefully chosen to match the buoyancy of the float, ensuring that you can feel every movement and contour as you pull the lead back along the bottom. This level of sensitivity is vital for understanding the underwater topography and identifying potential feeding hotspots.
With the ESP Marker Float, you can elevate your marker float fishing to new heights. Its superior buoyancy, casting accuracy, and sensitivity make it an essential tool for any angler looking to explore and understand their swim in more detail. Whether you’re fishing in open water or targeting specific features, the ESP Marker Float is a game-changer in the world of marker fishing.

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