Drennan Carp 1


  • High grade balsa for optimum buoyancy
  • Ultra tough acrylic paint finish
  • Black stainless steel spring eye
  • Securely bonded black fibreglass stem
  • Hollow plastic Glow Tip
  • Slim, body-down, oval shape
  • Medium length hollow 1.5mm tip
  • Extremely versatile pole float


Introducing the Drennan Carp 1 Pole Float, a top-notch choice for carp fishing enthusiasts. This float is meticulously designed and crafted using the finest materials to ensure exceptional performance and reliability.
The float body is constructed from high-grade balsa, providing optimum buoyancy for improved visibility and sensitivity on the water. Its ultra-tough acrylic paint finish adds durability, making it withstand the rigors of intense fishing sessions.
Equipped with a black stainless steel spring eye, the Drennan Carp 1 Pole Float ensures secure attachment to your line. The black fibreglass stem is securely bonded to the float body, enhancing stability and strength.
Featuring a hollow plastic Glow Tip, this float offers excellent visibility even in low-light conditions. Its slim, body-down, oval shape enhances stability and enables accurate casting and presentation. The medium-length hollow 1.5mm tip adds sensitivity, allowing you to detect subtle bites.
The Drennan Carp 1 Pole Float is an extremely versatile choice, suitable for various fishing techniques and conditions. Whether you’re targeting carp or other species, this float is designed to meet your angling needs and deliver outstanding performance.
Choose the Drennan Carp 1 Pole Float for your carp fishing adventures and experience the difference in your fishing success. With its high-grade materials, superior design, and reliable performance, this float is a valuable addition to your fishing gear.

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