Drennan G-Tip 2


  • Drennan G-Tip 2 Pole Float
  • Classic bodied pole float design
  • Tough, ultra-durable paint finish
  • Hollow Glow Tip that positively shine like they were lit from within
  • Tips are hollow and buoyant
  • Much better than solid plastic tips
  • Supports bigger baits
  • Can be shotted with ease


Introducing the Drennan G-Tip 2 Pole Float, a classic and reliable choice for pole fishing enthusiasts. Designed with precision and durability in mind, this pole float embodies the qualities that anglers seek in their tackle.
The Drennan G-Tip 2 Pole Float features a classic bodied design, allowing for stable and accurate presentation of your bait. Its tough and ultra-durable paint finish ensures longevity, even in the face of rigorous use and challenging fishing conditions.
One of the standout features of this pole float is its Hollow Glow Tip. These tips are not only hollow and buoyant, but they also possess a unique glow that shines brilliantly, as if they were lit from within. This distinctive characteristic enhances visibility and bite detection, enabling you to react quickly to any fish activity.
Compared to solid plastic tips, the hollow design of the G-Tip 2 Pole Float offers several advantages. It provides better buoyancy, allowing you to support larger baits with ease. Additionally, the hollow nature of the tip makes shotting the float effortless, ensuring precise and customizable weight distribution for optimal performance.
Whether you’re targeting coarse fish, carp, or other species, the Drennan G-Tip 2 Pole Float is a trusted companion that delivers exceptional results. Its combination of classic design, durable construction, and innovative features make it a top choice for pole fishing enthusiasts of all levels.
Experience the difference of the Drennan G-Tip 2 Pole Float and elevate your pole fishing game to new heights. Enjoy the confidence, control, and performance that this float brings to your angling pursuits, and get ready for memorable fishing adventures.

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