Drennan Crystal Margin


  • Drennan Margin Crystal Pole Float
  • Unique precision blow moulding technology
  • 2.5mm dia hollow Glow Tip
  • Brilliant for the margins and islands
  • Highly visible antenna
  • Inconspicuous to wary fish
  • Tough polymer body
  • 1mm glass stem
  • Double wound spring side eye will not ripped out
  • Depths up to 6ft
  • A classic!


Introducing the Drennan Crystal Margin Pole Float, a remarkable float designed for precision and performance. With its unique precision blow moulding technology, this float offers exceptional quality and reliability.
Featuring a 2.5mm diameter hollow Glow Tip, the Drennan Crystal Margin Pole Float ensures excellent visibility, making it perfect for targeting fish in the margins and around islands. Its highly visible antenna allows for easy detection of bites, giving you an advantage on the water.
Designed to be inconspicuous to wary fish, this float combines visibility with stealth. Its tough polymer body and 1mm glass stem provide durability and strength, ensuring it can withstand the demands of angling.
The double wound spring side eye of the Margin Crystal Pole Float is built to last, preventing it from being ripped out by aggressive fish. This feature adds to the float’s reliability and longevity, ensuring you can fish with confidence.
Suitable for depths up to 6ft, this float is versatile and adaptable to various fishing situations. It is a classic choice that has stood the test of time, trusted by anglers for its consistent performance and effectiveness.
Experience the precision and reliability of the Drennan Margin Crystal Pole Float, and elevate your fishing experience to new heights. Whether you’re targeting fish in the margins or around islands, this float is a must-have in your angling arsenal.

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