Korum Grappler Rigs 4″


  • Stronger rigs for bigger fish
  • Increased line diameters
  • Powerful Supersteel Grappler hook
  • High abrasion resistant line
  • Quick change loops


Introducing the Korum Grappler hook lengths, a range specifically designed to provide stronger and more reliable hair rigs when targeting bigger fish. Whether you’re an experienced angler or a passionate newcomer, these hook lengths are engineered to enhance your fishing experience and give you the confidence to tackle those large and powerful specimens.
With increased line diameters and the incorporation of our powerful Supersteel Grappler hook, the Korum Grappler hook lengths deliver the ultimate solution for creating the perfect big fish hair rig. The Supersteel Grappler hook is renowned for its exceptional strength and sharpness, ensuring secure hook holds and minimizing the risk of fish shaking free during the fight.
Crafted from highly abrasion-resistant Korum line, these hook lengths are built to withstand the toughest fishing conditions and the relentless battles with big fish. You can rely on the durability and resilience of the Korum line, providing you with the peace of mind to tackle any fishing challenge that comes your way.
Featuring strong loop knots, the Grappler hook lengths offer quick and hassle-free rig changes, allowing you to adapt to different fishing situations with ease. Whether you need to switch bait or adjust your rig setup, the strong loop knots ensure efficient rig changes without compromising strength or reliability.
In addition to their performance-driven features, the Korum Grappler hook lengths are available in a convenient short 4-inch length, specifically tailored for method feeder fishing. This length is perfect for presenting bait effectively and maximizing your chances of success with the method feeder technique.
With the Korum Grappler hook lengths in your tackle box, you can approach every fishing session with confidence, knowing that you have the perfect combination of strength, reliability, and convenience at your disposal. So, gear up with the Korum Grappler hook lengths and embrace the thrill of targeting and landing those impressive big fish!

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