Drennan Fluorocarbon Super Feeder


  • Fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in water
  • Sinks fast and holds bottom better than mono
  • Perfect choice for targeting big fish such as barbel, chub, tench and bream
  • Fishing the hookbait 1 metre from the feeder often results in more bites
  • 8 Hooklengths per pack
  • Always stretch and smooth out the hooklength for perfect presentation
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Micro barbed forged reversed medium shank hook with long needle point


Experience the exceptional performance of Drennan Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooks Ready Tied, 1m Long. Designed for anglers seeking superior performance and reliability, these hooks offer a range of benefits.
The fluorocarbon material used in these hooks provides a significant advantage in the water. Its near-invisibility ensures a stealthy approach, increasing your chances of fooling even the most cautious fish. Whether you’re targeting wary barbel, chub, tench, or bream, the virtually invisible fluorocarbon helps your presentation blend seamlessly with the surroundings.
Not only does fluorocarbon offer excellent invisibility, but it also sinks faster compared to monofilament lines. This fast sinking property allows your bait to reach the desired depth quickly, maximizing your fishing time and increasing the chances of enticing fish in various water conditions.
Additionally, fluorocarbon has excellent bottom-holding capabilities. It stays close to the lakebed, keeping your bait in the strike zone for extended periods. This feature is particularly advantageous when targeting bottom-feeding species that prefer baits presented near the lakebed.
Each pack of Drennan Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooks Ready Tied includes eight hooklengths, ensuring you have enough options for your fishing sessions. The 1m length provides versatility, allowing you to adjust the distance between your hookbait and the feeder. By placing the hookbait 1 metre from the feeder, you can often entice more bites and increase your chances of success.
To ensure perfect presentation, it is recommended to stretch and smooth out the hooklength before use. This process helps eliminate any kinks or coils, ensuring a clean and natural presentation underwater. With these ready-tied hooks, you can focus more on your fishing and less on tedious preparation.
The hooks themselves feature a micro barbed forged reversed medium shank design, complemented by a long needle point. This combination offers excellent penetration and secure hook holds, increasing your chances of landing your target fish successfully.
Whether you’re targeting big fish in still waters or flowing rivers, the Drennan Fluorocarbon Feeder Hooks Ready Tied, 1m Long, provide the reliability and performance you need. Trust in their superior invisibility, fast sinking properties, and durable construction to enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of success on the water.

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