Drennan Pushstop Feeder


  • Ready to use
  • 12 inch long
  • Extra strong soft mono
  • Secure hook hold
  • Ideal for pellets
  • 8 per pack


Introducing the Drennan Quickstop Carp Fishing Feeder Hair Rigs, the ultimate choice for anglers targeting carp and utilizing a wide range of baits, including hard and soft pellets. These specially designed feeder rigs are engineered to enhance your fishing experience and maximize your chances of success.
The hair length on each rig is meticulously matched to the specific hook size, ensuring optimal presentation and baiting effectiveness. The precision-made stops provide a secure hold on your chosen bait, guaranteeing it remains intact and perfectly positioned to attract carp.
When paired with the Drennan Quickstop Pusher, these Quickstop Rigs revolutionize the baiting process, offering unrivaled speed and efficiency in bait application and fishing with hair rigs. The Quickstop Pusher allows for seamless threading of your bait onto the hair, saving valuable time on the bank and enabling you to focus on what matters most – catching carp.
The key feature of these rigs is the Drennan carp feeder eyed hook, renowned for its strength and exceptional penetration. This hook pattern is specifically designed for feeder fishing and ensures reliable hook holds, giving you the confidence to tackle even the most powerful carp.
Whether you’re targeting hard-fighting carp in rivers, lakes, or commercial fisheries, the Drennan Quickstop Carp Fishing Feeder Hair Rigs deliver the perfect combination of strength, reliability, and efficiency. With these rigs in your arsenal, you can approach every fishing session with the utmost confidence.
Experience the convenience, speed, and effectiveness of the Drennan Quickstop Carp Fishing Feeder Hair Rigs and take your carp fishing to new heights. Trust in the quality and innovation that Drennan brings to the angling world, and prepare for unforgettable fishing adventures.

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Size 8, Size 10, Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18, Size 20

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