Drennan Quick Change Beads


  • Precision made Quick Change Beads for a perfect fit
  • Change your hooklength instantly
  • Acts as a shock bead when fishing a running leger or feeder
  • Outer bead is semi flexible and grips in place securely over the internal connector
  • Connector has a small recess above the central hole to accommodate the barrel of the knot
  • Average breaking strain of 20lb (9kg)
  • Discrete green and camo colours
  • 6 per pack


Drennan Quick Change Beads offer versatility and convenience in your fishing setup. These beads come in two sizes: mini and small, catering to different fishing needs. The beads are designed in attractive green and camo colours, ensuring visibility and blending into various underwater environments.

Crafted with precision using high-quality English tooling, these beads guarantee a consistent and reliable fit. The components of the bead, including the outer bead and internal connector, are meticulously engineered to create a secure and snug connection. The semi-flexible outer bead firmly grips over the internal connector, ensuring it stays in place during your fishing sessions.

The internal connector features a small recess above the central hole, specifically designed to accommodate the barrel of the knot when attaching the main line to the hooklink. This thoughtful feature ensures a seamless and secure connection, giving you peace of mind while targeting fish. The internal unit of the bead boasts an impressive average breaking strain of 20lb, providing strength and durability to withstand the rigors of fishing.

With Drennan Quick Change Beads, you can conveniently adjust your setups, switch between rigs, and adapt to different fishing conditions without hassle. These beads are designed to enhance your fishing experience by providing a reliable and efficient connection between your main line and hooklink.

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