Drennan Pushstops


  • Moulded Pushstops
  • Consistent fit
  • Ideal for soft baits
  • Can be used for boilies, dumbbells and hard pellets
  • 28 per pack


Experience the effortless and efficient baiting process with the Drennan Pushstops. These remarkable tools provide a much easier and quicker method for baiting up, saving you valuable time on the bank.

Crafted with precision and care, these high-quality Pushstops are precision-moulded to ensure that each stop is identical to the next. This consistency guarantees a perfect fit every time, eliminating any concerns about inconsistent bait presentation.

The versatility of Pushstops makes them ideal for various soft baits, including sweetcorn, expander pellets, cubes of meat, and even worms. Additionally, with the assistance of a 1.5mm Drennan Pushstop Drill, these Pushstops can also be used to mount boilies, dumbbells, and hard pellets. This expands your baiting options and allows you to adapt to different fishing situations effortlessly.

Each packet contains a generous quantity of 28 Pushstops, ensuring you have an ample supply to last throughout your fishing sessions. What’s more, these Pushstops are conveniently stored on a frame, making them easily accessible and organized when you need them most.

Upgrade your baiting game with the Drennan Pushstops and experience the convenience, consistency, and versatility they offer. Say goodbye to tedious baiting methods and embrace the efficiency and ease of using these precision-moulded Pushstops.

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Clear, Pellet Brown, Sweetcorn Yellow

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