Drennan Method Bandit


  • Convenient pre-tied hook lengths
  • Complete with hair rig bait band
  • Perfect for the method feeder
  • 90mm long
  • Stretch around hard pellet or boilie
  • Pull inside soft pellets, drilled boilies or meat
  • Packed straight to avoid kinking
  • 8 per pack


Method Bandits are the epitome of convenience, offering pre-tied hooklengths complete with hair-rigged latex bait bands, making them perfect for Method feeder fishing. These pre-tied rigs provide anglers with a hassle-free solution for setting up their rigs quickly and efficiently.
The strongest Method Bandits are tied to our robust Carp Method hooks, ensuring durability and reliability during intense fishing sessions. Available in sizes 8 to 16, these hooklengths feature diameters ranging from 0.24mm (10lb) down to 0.22mm (8lb), allowing you to select the appropriate strength for your fishing needs.
Each hooklength measures 90mm in length, which we believe to be the optimum size for an effective Method feeder or pellet feeder setup. This length provides the perfect balance between bait presentation and hooking potential, enhancing your chances of success on the water.
The hair-rigged latex band included in each Method Bandit rig is designed to accommodate a variety of hook baits. Whether you’re using hard pellets, dumbbell boilies, soft pellets, drilled boilies, or cubes of meat, the latex band can be easily manipulated to secure your bait. A Band Stretcher can be used to stretch the band around hard baits, while a Pellet Band Puller assists in pulling the band inside soft baits. These tools ensure a secure and reliable bait presentation.
Method Bandits are individually hand-tied to ensure quality and consistency. Just like our popular Carp Method Pushstop Hair Rigs, these band rigs are packed straight to avoid any chance of kinking, ensuring that they are ready to use straight out of the packet.
The Method Bandit range offers a comprehensive selection of sizes to meet your fishing requirements. From size 8 with a breaking strain of 10lb (0.24) to size 16 with a breaking strain of 8lb (0.22), you can choose the perfect rig for your target species and fishing conditions.

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Size 8, Size 10, Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18, Size 20, Size 22

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