Drennan Carp Bandits


  • Drennan ready tied banded hair rigs
  • Eyed barbless hook
  • Tied to 12 inch hook length


The Drennan Carp Bandits Eyed Barbless Hooks to Nylon are the perfect solution for carp anglers seeking convenience and reliability in their hair rigs. These ready-tied banded hair rigs have been meticulously crafted to simplify your fishing experience and maximize your chances of success.
Featuring high-quality eyed barbless hooks, these rigs ensure easy and safe hook removal while maintaining exceptional sharpness and strength. This design is specifically tailored to securely hook and land carp, providing you with the confidence you need on the bank.
Each hair rig is expertly tied to a 12-inch hook length, striking a balance between flexibility and control. This length offers versatility in various fishing scenarios, allowing you to adapt to different conditions and angling techniques.
The inclusion of a band on the hair rig provides convenient bait attachment, allowing you to secure boilies, pellets, or other offerings with ease. This ensures that your bait remains securely in place during casting and fishing, increasing your chances of attracting carp.
With the Drennan Carp Bandits Eyed Barbless Hooks to Nylon, you can save valuable time and effort by using ready-tied rigs. This allows you to focus on the core aspect of fishing while having confidence in the quality and reliability of your tackle.
Whether you’re an experienced carp angler or a beginner looking for dependable rigging solutions, these banded hair rigs with their eyed barbless hooks are an excellent choice. Elevate your carp fishing experience and improve your chances of success with the Drennan Carp Bandits Eyed Barbless Hooks to Nylon.

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Size 10 to 7lb, Size 12 to 6lb, Size 14 to 5lb, Size 16 to 4lb, Size 18 to 4lb

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