Drennan Plate Margin Carp


  • Ready to use
  • 6 inch hook lengths
  • Great hooking ability
  • Versatile bait band
  • Stored flat and straight
  • Precise whipping and loops


Drennan Margin Carp Hook to Nylon 6 Inch offers anglers a reliable and robust hook designed specifically for targeting big fish in close quarters. These barbless hooks to nylon are built to withstand the rigors of margin fishing and provide a secure hook hold.
Featuring an extremely strong hook construction, these hooks are perfect for tackling lumps down the edge and can handle the power of hard-fighting fish. The long needle-point design with a slight curve and inward-turned tip ensures a secure and effective hook hold, reducing the chances of fish escaping.
Designed for use with extra strong pole gear, these hooks to nylon are capable of handling the demands of margin fishing. The Hook Plate System offers ultimate convenience, providing a pack of 6-inch (15cm) individual pole hooks to nylon. These hooks are stored flat and straight under slight tension, ensuring they maintain their perfect shape without any kinks in the mono.
The precise whipping knots and consistent loops used in the construction of these hooks guarantee their strength and reliability. Anglers can trust in the performance and durability of these hook lengths. Whether used straight from the flat plates or stored in the matching Hook Book or Hook Box, these hooks are versatile and convenient.
With the Drennan Margin Carp Hook to Nylon 6 Inch, anglers can confidently target big fish in tight spots, knowing they have a hook that can handle the challenge. These hooks are a must-have for any angler looking to conquer the margins and land those prized specimens.

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Size 10, Size 12, Size 14

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