Drennan Plate Carp Maggot


  • Ready to use
  • 6 inch hook lengths
  • Great hooking ability
  • Versatile bait band
  • Stored flat and straight
  • Precise whipping and loops


Drennan Drennan Plate Carp Maggot 6″ hooks are an enhanced and stronger version of the popular Silverfish Maggot pattern. These hooks are finished in an attractive red colour, making them the perfect choice for fishing with red baits such as maggots.
Designed with a medium/long shank, swept crystal bend, and chemically etched long needle point, these hooks offer exceptional performance and reliability. The red finish adds an extra visual appeal, increasing the chances of attracting carp and other fish species.
One of the standout features of the Drennan Plate Carp Maggot hooks is the innovative Hook Plate System. This New Concept design provides ultimate convenience with its 6-inch (15cm) individual pole hooks to nylon. The hooks are carefully stored flat and straight under slight tension, ensuring they maintain their perfect shape and presentation without any kinks in the mono.
The precise whipping knots and consistent loops used in the construction of these hooks guarantee their strength and durability. Anglers can trust in their rig setup, knowing that these hooks are designed to perform flawlessly. Whether you prefer to use them straight from the flat plates or store them in the matching Hook Book or Hook Box, these HTN Plate hooks offer flexibility and ease of use.
With their enhanced strength, attractive red finish, and advanced design, the Drennan HTN Plate 6″ Carp Maggot hooks are a must-have for any angler targeting carp and other species with maggot baits.

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