Drennan Plate Wide Gape Pellet


  • Perfect for soft pellets
  • Length 15cm
  • 8 per pack
  • Stored flat and straight
  • Precise whipping consistent loops
  • Ready to use


Drennan Wide Gape Pellet Hook to Nylon 6 Inch is a must-have for anglers targeting commercial fisheries and using soft pellet as bait. These barbless hooks to nylon are specifically designed to enhance hooking properties and excel in pellet fishing scenarios.
The Wide Gape Pellet Hooks feature a wide gape and a long point, strategically designed to improve hooking potential. The wide gape allows for a solid hook hold, ensuring that fish stay securely hooked. With its forged construction, this hook offers exceptional strength and durability, providing anglers with the confidence they need when targeting hard-fighting fish.
Convenience is key with the Hook Plate System, offering a pack of 6-inch (15cm) individual pole hooks to nylon. These hooks are carefully stored flat and straight under slight tension, ensuring optimal presentation without any kinks in the mono. The precise whipping knots and consistent loops further enhance the reliability and effectiveness of these hooks.
Whether you choose to use them straight from the flat plates or store them in the matching Hook Book or Hook Box, these hooks to nylon are ready for action. Anglers can rely on their performance, knowing that they have been designed to present perfectly and deliver excellent results on the water.
The Drennan Wide Gape Pellet Hook to Nylon 6 Inch is a valuable tool for anglers targeting commercial fisheries and utilizing soft pellet as bait. Its wide gape, long point, and extra strength make it ideal for hooking and landing fish effectively. With the added convenience of the Hook Plate System, these hooks to nylon offer a seamless fishing experience.

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Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18

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