Drennan Carbon Match


  • Versatile lightweight hooks to nylon
  • Ideal for fishing with hemp, caster, maggot or worm segments
  • Bronze Swept crystal bend Forged Chemically etched long needle point
  • Tied using low diameter mono
  • 35cm long hooklengths
  • 8 hooklengths per pack


Introducing the Drennan Feeder Hooks to Nylon, a versatile and reliable option for anglers looking to enhance their feeder fishing experience. These lightweight hooks tied to nylon are designed to offer convenience, strength, and sharpness, ensuring optimal performance on the water.
Designed for a variety of fishing situations, these hooks to nylon are ideal for fishing with hemp, caster, maggot, or worm segments. Their lightweight construction allows for delicate presentation while maintaining the necessary strength to handle a range of fish species.
Featuring a bronze swept crystal bend and forged construction, these hooks provide excellent hooking potential and secure fish retention. The chemically etched long needle point ensures sharpness, allowing for precise and effective hook penetration.
The hooks are tied using low diameter mono, which enhances presentation and reduces visibility in the water. The use of high-quality mono material ensures durability and strength, providing confidence in your tackle’s performance.
Each pack of Drennan Feeder Hooks to Nylon contains 8 hooklengths, each measuring 35cm in length. This ample supply of ready-tied hooks offers convenience and versatility for your fishing sessions.
With the Drennan Feeder Hooks to Nylon, you can trust in the quality and reliability of your tackle. These hooks are designed to meet the demands of feeder fishing, providing versatility, strength, and sharpness to increase your chances of success.
Choose the Drennan Feeder Hooks to Nylon for your feeder fishing needs and enjoy the benefits of a well-crafted and efficient fishing setup.

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Size 16 to 2.8lb, Size 18 to 2lb, Size 20 to 2lb, Size 22 to 1.1lb

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