Leeda Pole Roller


  • Lightweight and extremely stable
  • Telescopic legs
  • Lockable extended legs
  • Super smooth EVA rollers
  • Two upright rollers
  • Ideal for long poles

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The Leeda Pole Roller is a must-have accessory for anglers looking for stability and ease of use during their fishing sessions. This roller is designed to provide a lightweight yet stable platform for your pole, ensuring a smooth and efficient fishing experience.
Featuring telescopic legs, the Leeda Pole Roller allows for easy height adjustment, enabling you to customize the position according to your preference and fishing conditions. The extended legs can be locked securely in place, providing a stable foundation for your pole.
Equipped with super smooth EVA rollers, this pole roller facilitates effortless movement of your line, minimizing friction and allowing for smooth retrieves. The two upright rollers further enhance stability and provide additional support for your pole.
Designed specifically for long poles, the Leeda Pole Roller is ideal for anglers who use extended pole setups. Its lightweight construction ensures easy transportation, while its stability and smooth operation make it a reliable companion on the bank or at the water’s edge.
Invest in the Leeda Pole Roller and enjoy the benefits of its lightweight design, telescopic legs, super smooth EVA rollers, and convenient features. Enhance your pole fishing experience with this essential accessory, offering stability, control, and ease of use.

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