Rage Terminator Vertical Spin


  • Length 180cm
  • Casting weight up to 30g
  • Spinning style design
  • Designed for vertical fishing
  • Light and strong
  • Fast action
  • Cork and Eva split handle

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The Fox Rage Terminator Vertical Spin is a fantastic addition to the high-quality Terminator rod range, purpose-built for vertical fishing techniques.
Key Features:
Length: 180cm: This 180cm rod provides precise control and maneuverability essential for vertical fishing, ensuring accurate presentations.
Casting Weight: Up to 30g: Versatile and adaptable, it handles casting weights of up to 30g, accommodating various lure sizes and styles.
Spinning Style Design: Tailored for spinning, the Vertical Spin boasts a specialized design that enhances your spinning technique.
Designed Specifically for Vertical Fishing Application: Crafted with vertical fishing in mind, this rod offers the finesse and sensitivity needed for this precise angling method.
Light Yet Strong Design with Fast Action Blanks: With its balanced design, it combines lightness for comfort with strength for confident hooksets, featuring fast action blanks for improved responsiveness.
Features IM9 Multi-Directional Carbon: The incorporation of IM9 Multi-Directional Carbon ensures exceptional durability and sensitivity, allowing you to detect even the subtlest of bites.
Cork and Eva Split Handles: The handles, a blend of cork and Eva, provide a comfortable and secure grip, ensuring your comfort during extended fishing sessions.
The Fox Rage Terminator Vertical Spin is your ultimate tool to enhance your vertical fishing experience, delivering precision, sensitivity, and durability for successful and enjoyable angling adventures.

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