Garbolino Fast Scoop Net


  • Lightweight spoon
  • Ideal for speed fishing
  • 6mm sides; 3mm bottom
  • Superb for big weights
  • Handle not included


The Garbolino Fast Scoop Net is a classic and lightweight landing net designed specifically for anglers who value speed and efficiency when scooping fish. Its unique spoon-shaped design allows for quick and effective fish retrieval.
With its reversed D-shaped black frame, the net offers excellent strength and durability, ensuring reliable performance in demanding fishing situations. The 6mm black mesh sides provide optimal strength, while the 3mm micro blue mesh bottom adds an extra layer of finesse to the net.
The Garbolino Fast Scoop Net is particularly well-suited for catching big weights of F1s, making it a go-to choice for anglers targeting this species. Its lightweight construction and efficient design allow for swift and smooth scooping, ensuring minimal disruption to your fishing experience.
Please note that the handle is not included with the net, giving you the flexibility to choose a handle that best suits your preferences and fishing requirements.
Whether you’re an avid angler seeking a net for rapid fish retrieval or aiming to catch big weights of F1s, the Garbolino Fast Scoop Net is an excellent option. Its classic design, lightweight construction, and reliable performance make it a valuable tool for any angler in pursuit of efficient and successful fishing outings.

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45cm x 35cm, 50cm x 40cm

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