Drennan Plate Silverfish Maggot


  • Barbless crystal bend hook
  • Extra strong mono
  • Medium Long shank
  • Spade end
  • Forged Bronze finish
  • Long needle point


The Drennan HTN Plate 6″ Silverfish Maggot hooks are specifically designed to cater to anglers targeting smaller species with maggot bait. These hooks feature a meticulously crafted Silverfish Maggot pattern that ensures optimal performance in these angling scenarios.

Constructed from super high carbon steel wire, these hooks are exceptionally strong and durable. The heavy forging process further enhances their strength, reducing the amount of spring in the gape. This feature plays a crucial role in minimizing fish loss when bagging up on silvers, providing anglers with a reliable and effective tool for their fishing endeavors.

The Drennan HTN Plate 6″ Silverfish Maggot hooks are part of the innovative Hook Plate System. This system offers ultimate convenience and organization, with each plate containing 6 individual pole hooks to nylon. The hooks are stored flat and straight under slight tension, ensuring they remain in perfect condition without any kinks in the mono. This meticulous storage method guarantees that the hooks are always ready to be used, presenting flawlessly and delivering exceptional fishing performance.

Tied with precise whipping knots and boasting consistent loops, these hooks provide anglers with optimal reliability and efficiency. Whether you prefer using them straight from the flat plates or storing them in the matching Hook Book or Hook Box, these hooks are designed to meet your angling needs with unmatched convenience and practicality. The Drennan HTN Plate 6″ Silverfish Maggot hooks are an essential addition to any angler’s tackle box, enabling them to achieve success when targeting smaller species with maggot bait.

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Size 16, Size 18, Size 20, Size 22

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