Sticky Krill Active Boilies


  • Liquids are pumped into bait
  • Durable bait
  • Super soluble paste wrap
  • Minimal preservatives
  • Abundance of ammino acids
  • Choose Bag Size then Boilie Size


Introducing Sticky Krill Active Boilies- A Game-Changer in Bait Attraction

Sticky Baits’ Krill Active Shelf Life Boilies have revolutionized the world of angling bait. The inception of Krill Active in 2014 was a result of Stickys annual ventures to Lac de St Cassien. For years, it remained a well-guarded secret, with batches meticulously crafted in secrecy until it was perfected and unveiled as a product in 2020. Following its remarkable success and its profound impact on conventional baits, we are thrilled to present the new Krill Active Shelf Life, meticulously crafted with the same processes as the freezer version.

The magic lies in the utilization of specialized machinery, which pumps liquids into the bait and combines them with powders, forming a robust yet highly soluble and irresistible paste wrap. When immersed in water, this outer coating gradually disintegrates, releasing levels of attraction that far surpass those of standard boilies. Thanks to our exclusive use of pure liquids with elevated natural salt content, our Krill Active Shelf Life boilies maintain a level of freshness that’s as close as possible to the original, with minimal preservatives. This ensures their usability and ease of storage, eliminating the need for freezing. Sticky Baits’ Krill Active boilies represent a groundbreaking advancement in off-the-shelf bait that’s been long-awaited in the angling world.

Our Active baits have consistently outperformed standard boilies in every instance, primarily due to their rich amino acid content, which serves as a natural feeding trigger for carp. The Krill Active Shelf Life is available in 1kg and 5kg bags, and comes in sizes ranging from 12mm to 24mm, offering versatility to suit your specific angling needs.

A Few Important Tips for Optimal Use:

Given our intricate rolling process that aims to provide you with the best boilie on the market, we advise adding only minimal liquids to this product. Excessive liquids can break down the coating and make the bait more challenging to use. We also recommend using it directly from the bag or storing it in an airtight, sealed bucket. Avoid air drying the baits, as this can cause the coating to dry too rapidly, potentially leading to crumbling.

Sticky Krill Active is your key to unlocking a new level of bait attraction and angling success. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice angler, this bait is set to take your fishing game to the next level. Experience the difference with Sticky Krill Active – a true game-changer in the world of angling bait.

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1kg, 5kg


12mm, 16mm, 20mm

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