Korda Krusha


  • Simply twist to pulverise any bait
  • Quick and efficient
  • Small capacity 50g
  • Large 100g


The Korda Krusha is a revolutionary tool that simplifies the process of crushing bait for your mixes. Whether it’s boilies, pellets, or nuts, the Krusha can easily turn them into fine crumbs. This ultra-strong and resilient grinding device is designed with just two parts, making it easy to use and maintain.
To use the Krusha, simply open it up and place your bait in the bottom section, then pop the top back on and twist. The sharp internal teeth will quickly and efficiently grind the contents into a crumb. The level of fineness depends on how much you grind, giving you complete control over your bait preparation.
With the Korda Krusha, you can now create custom mixes at the bankside. Simply mix your ground-up bait with your preferred additives, and you’re ready to rig up. The possibilities are endless as you can invent unique and enticing bait combinations to suit the preferences of your target species on the day.
The Krusha comes in two sizes, large and small, catering to different bait types. The larger option is perfect for big boilies and tiger nuts, while the smaller one handles smaller baits like pellets. The small Krusha can process 50g of 4mm pellets at a time, while the larger version can handle up to 100g of the same.
Whether you’re a seasoned angler looking to experiment with new bait mixes or a beginner in need of a simple and effective bait crushing solution, the Korda Krusha is a fantastic addition to your fishing arsenal. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility it brings to your bait preparation, and elevate your carp angling game to new heights.

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