Korda Container System


  • 4 containers inside 17l bucket
  • Airtight watertight seals
  • 0.25l side markers
  • Freezer safe
  • Suitable for particles and boilies
  • Stackable for easy storage

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Embark on a journey of fishing excellence with the Korda Container System, an outstanding fishing storage solution meticulously designed to preserve the freshness of your bait and bring impeccable organisation to your tackle. If you’re seeking a top-tier system that seamlessly combines functionality and durability, look no further than the Korda Kontainer Fishing Storage System.

This comprehensive system comprises four robust containers, perfectly tailored to snugly fit into a 17 litre bucket. The inclusion of airtight and watertight soft lids ensures not only the freshness and protection of your bait but also a secure environment for your tackle. Additionally, the system features 0.25 litre side markers, contributing to precise spod mixes and enhancing your overall fishing experience.

The freezer-safe containers within the Korda Container System are specifically designed for storing particles and boilies, offering versatility to accommodate different bait preferences. Their stackable design adds an extra layer of convenience, facilitating easy storage and ensuring your fishing setup remains well-organised.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional angler or a dedicated weekend warrior, the Korda Kontainer Fishing Storage System stands out as an indispensable addition to your tackle box. Elevate your angling pursuits with this meticulously crafted system that seamlessly blends practicality with quality, providing you with the essential tools to keep your bait fresh and your tackle in impeccable order.

Place your trust in the Korda Kontainer for a fishing storage solution that not only meets but exceeds the highest standards of performance and reliability. Dive into a world where attention to detail meets exceptional craftsmanship, and experience the ultimate in fishing storage sophistication with the Korda Kontainer Fishing Storage System.

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