Korum Glide Avon Float


  • Big fish river float
  • 2.5mm thick alloy stems
  • Super durable
  • Super buoyant
  • Highly visible tips


The Korum Glide Avon Floats are an excellent choice for anglers targeting big species. These floats are specifically designed to provide optimal performance in various fishing scenarios.
One standout feature of these floats is the stems, which are constructed using durable alloy material with a thickness of 2.5mm. This ensures their durability and resilience, even when faced with the challenges of fighting larger fish. The floats are built to withstand the rigors of intense fishing sessions, giving anglers the confidence they need to tackle big fish.
In addition to their durability, the Korum Glide Avon Floats are highly buoyant. This buoyancy allows them to stay afloat effortlessly, providing excellent visibility even in deep water or in lakes with varying depths. The floats are designed with bright and vibrant colors, making them easy to spot and track on the water’s surface.
When selecting the appropriate float for your fishing needs, it is crucial to consider the depth of the water. As a general guideline, a recommended ratio of 1g per every 2ft of depth works well. This allows anglers to have a better sense of the weight of their line without overburdening it. By choosing the right float weight, anglers can maintain control and sensitivity while fishing for big species.
With the Korum Glide Avon Floats, anglers can confidently pursue their target species, knowing they have reliable and high-performance floats at their disposal. These floats offer the perfect combination of durability, buoyancy, and visibility, ensuring a successful and enjoyable fishing experience. Elevate your angling game and tackle big fish with the Korum Glide Avon Floats.

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3SSG 5g, 2SSG 4g, 5SSG 8g, 4SSG 6g

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