Drennan Insert Crystal


  • Drennan Insert Crystal Wagglers
  • Slimmer version of Giant Crystals
  • Thinner and more sensitive insert tip
  • 2.3mm diameter insert helps to exaggerate the tiniest of bites
  • Ultra bright Glow Tip paint finish
  • Maximum visibility in all light conditions
  • Streamlined transition between the body and the removable insert
  • Ultimate float for tackling wary fish in clear water
  • Designed to be attached bottom end only


The Drennan Insert Crystal Wagglers are a fantastic choice for anglers looking to enhance their fishing experience. These wagglers are a slimmer version of the popular Giant Crystals, providing improved sensitivity and performance on the water.

Featuring a thinner and more sensitive insert tip, these wagglers allow you to detect even the slightest of bites. The 2.3mm diameter insert plays a crucial role in amplifying the tiniest movements, ensuring you never miss a chance to hook your target fish.

With an ultra bright Glow Tip paint finish, these wagglers offer maximum visibility in all light conditions. Whether you’re fishing in bright sunlight or low-light conditions, the Glow Tip ensures that you can easily track the movement of your float.

The Insert Crystals are designed with a streamlined transition between the body and the removable insert. This design element not only enhances the aesthetics of the float but also contributes to its overall performance and stability in the water.

These wagglers are the ultimate choice for tackling wary fish in clear water. Their design and features make them highly effective in situations where fish are cautious and easily spooked. With the Drennan Insert Crystal Wagglers, you can increase your chances of success in challenging fishing conditions.

Please note that these wagglers are designed to be attached at the bottom end only, ensuring optimal performance and stability during your fishing sessions.

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1.0g – 2.5 BB, 1.5g – 2 AA, 2.0g – 2.5 AA, 2.5g – 3 AA, 3.0g – 2 Swan, 0.8g – 2 BB

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