Drennan Alloy Sticks


  • Ideal for shallow, streamy rivers
  • Balsa wood body and aluminium stem
  • Exceptional stable
  • Attach top and bottom


Experience the exceptional performance of Drennan Alloy Sticks, specially crafted to meet the demands of fishing in shallow, streamy rivers. These floats are meticulously designed to excel in depths ranging from approximately 5 to 6 feet, ensuring you have the perfect tool for your angling adventures.
The Drennan Alloy Sticks feature a balsa wood body and a long aluminium stem, providing remarkable stability in fast-flowing waters. This unique combination of materials ensures that the float maintains its position in the water, allowing for precise bait presentation and accurate casting.
One of the standout features of these floats is their attachment system. Using silicone float rubbers at both the top and bottom, the Drennan Alloy Stick Floats remain securely in place on your fishing line. This innovative design guarantees a stable and consistent float position, enabling you to achieve optimal bait control and increase your chances of a successful catch.
When it comes to fishing in shallow, streamy rivers, the Drennan Alloy Stick Floats are a top-notch choice. Their balsa wood body, long aluminium stem, and dependable silicone float rubbers offer unparalleled stability, precision, and durability. Elevate your angling game and maximize your fishing experience with the exceptional performance of Drennan Alloy Stick Floats.

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0.8g – 4 No. 4, 1g – 6 No. 4, 1.25g – 3BB, 1.75g – 4BB

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