Drennan Giant Crystal


  • Drennan Giant Crystals
  • Larger in diameter than Insert Crystals
  • Feature a sensitive insert for enhanced bite detection
  • 5.75mm body with interchangeable 3.2mm insert
  • Ultra bright Glow Tip paint finish
  • Maximum visibility in all light conditions
  • Subtle light brown tint
  • Available in seven sizes from 1g to 4g
  • Suitable for close range and distance work on stillwaters and rivers
  • Designed to be attached bottom end only


The Drennan Giant Crystal Wagglers are designed to meet the demands of anglers who require larger diameter floats for their fishing needs. With a diameter larger than the Insert Crystals, these wagglers offer increased buoyancy and stability in the water.
Featuring a sensitive insert, these wagglers excel in bite detection, allowing you to react quickly to even the slightest of movements. The interchangeable 3.2mm insert adds versatility to your fishing setup, enabling you to adjust the float’s sensitivity according to the fishing conditions.
The Giant Crystal Wagglers boast an ultra bright Glow Tip paint finish, ensuring maximum visibility in all light conditions. The subtle light brown tint adds a touch of sophistication to these floats, making them stand out on the water’s surface.
Available in seven sizes ranging from 1g to 4g, these wagglers cater to a wide range of fishing scenarios. Whether you’re fishing at close range or targeting distant areas in stillwaters and rivers, the Giant Crystal Wagglers provide the necessary buoyancy and visibility for successful fishing sessions.
Designed to be attached at the bottom end only, these wagglers offer stability and accurate presentation. Their high-quality construction and attention to detail make them a reliable choice for anglers who value performance and durability in their fishing floats.

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1.0g – 2.5 BB, 1.5g – 2 AA, 2.0g – 2.5 AA, 2.5g – 3 AA, 3.0g – 2 Swan, 3.5g – 4.5 AA, 4.0g – 2.5 Swan

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