Drennan Giant Waggler


  • Drennan Giant Waggler
  • Clear straight float with a thicker tip
  • Great visibility and buoyancy
  • Consistent shotting
  • Designed to be attached bottom end only
  • Floats are unloaded and available in five sizes


The Drennan Giant Waggler floats are a fantastic choice for anglers looking for clear, straight floats with enhanced visibility and buoyancy. These floats feature a thicker tip, making them highly visible even in challenging light conditions.
With their consistent shotting, these waggler floats offer precise control over the depth and presentation of your bait. They are designed to be attached at the bottom end only, ensuring stability and accurate casting.
The Giant Waggler floats are unloaded, providing flexibility in adjusting the weight according to your fishing needs. They are available in five sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect float for your fishing situation, whether you’re targeting small or larger fish.
These floats are built to the highest standards, ensuring durability and reliability on the water. Whether you’re fishing in stillwaters or rivers, the Drennan Giant Waggler floats will deliver consistent performance, helping you achieve success in your angling adventures.

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1.7g – 2 AA, 2.1g – 2.5 AA, 2.5g – 3 AA, 3.4g – 2 Swan, 4.2g – 2.5 Swan

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