Drennan Big Stick


  • Extra-large and streamlined shape
  • Distinct shoulder for buoyancy
  • Balsa body for buoyancy
  • Non-buoyant plastic stem
  • Attach with float rubbers
  • Perfect for deeper swims
  • Excellent for targeting larger fish
  • Exceptional balance and stability


Drennan Big Stick Floats are the go-to choice for anglers seeking reliable and versatile equipment for running water fishing. These high-performance floats have been designed with an extra-large and streamlined shape, which ensures excellent balance and stability in even the most challenging of conditions.

One of the standout features of the Big Stick Floats is the distinct shoulder, which provides plenty of buoyancy near the tip. This innovative design allows for deeper water fishing and enables anglers to cast further out across the river, opening up new opportunities to catch elusive and larger fish.

The balsa body of the float offers excellent buoyancy, while the non-buoyant plastic stem allows for extra sensitivity, making it easier to detect even the slightest of bites. These floats are larger than standard Drennan Sticks and always need to be attached top and bottom with silicone float rubbers.

The Drennan Big Stick Floats are perfect for deeper swims, and they are an excellent choice for anglers looking to target larger fish in fast-flowing water. With their exceptional balance and stability, these floats make it easier to present your bait in the most effective way possible, helping you to improve your fishing game and catch more fish. So, if you’re looking for reliable and versatile equipment for your next running water fishing trip, be sure to check out the Drennan Big Stick Floats today!

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