Drennan Loaded Insert Crystal


  • Drennan Loaded Insert Crystals
  • Slim semi loaded wagglers with a sensitive insert
  • Removable interchangeable base weight
  • 2.3mm insert for optimum bite detection
  • Ultra-bright Glow Tip paint finish
  • Green tinted transparent body
  • Attached via the base eye or with a Float Attachment


The Drennan Loaded Insert Crystal floats are an excellent choice for anglers seeking exceptional performance and sensitivity. These slim semi-loaded wagglers feature a specially designed insert that enhances bite detection, allowing you to respond quickly to even the most subtle movements.

With a removable interchangeable base weight, you have the flexibility to adjust the buoyancy and stability of the float according to your fishing conditions and target species. This customization option ensures optimal presentation and control during your fishing sessions.

The 2.3mm insert of these Crystal floats is finely tuned to provide optimum bite detection. It allows you to feel even the slightest nibble or hesitation from the fish, enabling you to strike at the right moment and increase your chances of a successful hook-up.

Featuring an ultra-bright Glow Tip paint finish, these floats offer maximum visibility in all light conditions. Whether it’s dawn, dusk, or bright sunlight, the Glow Tip ensures that you can easily track the position of your float and detect any movement or indication of a bite.

The green-tinted transparent body of the float further enhances its visibility while providing a natural and unobtrusive appearance in the water. This is particularly advantageous when fishing in clear or lightly colored water, where a subtle presentation can make all the difference.

The Insert Crystal floats can be attached via the base eye or with a Float Attachment, offering versatility and convenience in your fishing setup. This flexibility allows you to adapt the float to your preferred rigging method and ensures a secure and reliable connection.

Experience the outstanding performance and sensitivity of the Drennan Loaded Insert Crystal floats on your next fishing adventure. With their advanced features, customizable design, and reliable construction, these floats are sure to enhance your fishing experience and increase your chances of landing your target fish.

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